Until a few years ago, no one wanted to hear about a Bluetooth connection to listen to their music. An understandable choice as the functionality was not yet fully developed, offering both passable sound performance and limited scope. Since then, the technology has evolved in the right direction and now offers performance very similar to wired models. With the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0, the bit rates and the range should increase further.



If there is one sector that takes full advantage of the freedom offered by Bluetooth headphones, it is the sport. By getting rid of the cable connecting its headphones to its smartphone or MP3 player, the freedom of movement is greatly improved and the comfort of use is only better. Of course, the other key points for sporting practice should be kept in mind, such as wearing the ear cups and resistance to water and sweat. The models listed below perfectly fulfill these conditions, while enjoying more than adequate sound performance.

Much more  best drawing tablet compact and discreet than mobile headphones, headphones are still currently products widely appreciated by users eager for musical listening. Today, everyone must have already a pair trailing at the bottom of a closet, most smartphones, and MP3 players by integrating directly into their box.

However best true wireless earbuds under 50, these products delivered by default is rarely the case, presenting a comfort often a very limited and sound performance that puts little value in your favorite titles. But then, which headphones to turn to if you want to enjoy a comfortable port and a real audio quality? Do not panic, we explain everything!

In-ear, sports headphones, Bluetooth headphones … Whatever the product you need, you should be able to find your happiness through our selection of models but also our many detailed tests.