Lingo24, Inc. - fast, effective translation services in the USA

Lingo24, Inc. - fast, effective translation services in the USA

Managing translation can be complex - at Lingo24, Inc., we make it simple, fun and inexpensive.

American businesses trade worldwide, so we work 24 hours a day to keep pace, with hubs in the Americas, Asia and Europe. There’s always a friendly Lingo-ist on hand to keep your project on track and answer your questions.

Our translation agency is among the world’s fastest growing, with clients in over 50 countries - and counting! We translate more than forty million words a year between 600 language combinations for names like American Express, Burger King, MTV, Orange and the United Nations.

Our cutting edge software makes it easy to integrate translation into your document management workflows.

If you’re looking for reliable, professional translation services in the USA using the latest technological advances, then contact us for a free quote.

Service levels

Our five service levels put you in control. Each one is carefully designed to match your specific needs, whether you’re looking for website localization or simple document translation.

Technology integration

Benefit from lower costs, faster turnaround times and more consistent terminology by integrating translation technologies into your text management workflow.

The best translators

Our linguists are official members of professional translators’ bodies such as the American Translators’ Association (ATA), and are selected according to their specialist skills in areas such as technical translation - requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology - financial translation, legal translation and marketing translation.

With a network of over 5000 specialized translators worldwide, we deliver professional translation services in the USA for all language combinations and subject matters. And thanks to teams of project managers based in three operational hubs around the world, there’s a friendly, language-loving Lingo-ist available to help at any time.