Steps to change your engine oil

It is important to keep the metal parts of the engine well lubricated. Engine oil is used to serve this purpose. Oil change in fontana of the car is considered to be one of the basic maintenance which you can perform in your garage. Here are a few steps to help you in this process.

Draining the old engine oil

If there is a splash guard in your vehicle, you need to remove it first before gaining access to the sump plug. The sump plug can be unscrewed by using a wrench. Keep an oil drain pan beneath the sump plug so that the oil flows directly into it. Clean the sump plug and wait for several minutes for the oil to completely drain out. You can also use an oil extractor to drain out the oil from the engine top.

Remove the oil filter and clean the filter comparused cars in fontanatment.

If your car has an insert oil filter which is located at eth engine top, you will need to remove the oil filter first before you drain the oil. If you remove the oil before the oil filter, then there is a chance of the oil which is stuck in the filter to go back into the engine. If your car has a plate type oil filter which is located at the engine bottom, you need to remove it after you drain out the oil. You can use oil filter remover for increasing your grip on the cap of the filter.

Place the new oil filter.

Replace the oil filters with O-rings. You need to lubricate the rings with the new engine oil which you are going to pour in the engine. This will ensure perfect sealing. Now, you need to put back the oil filter and close the filter cap.

Add new engine oil.

For filling the engine with the new oil, use a funnel. You need to keep knowledge about the requirement of oil by the engine. You can read the manual to know about the requirement. IF the oil level is not visible to your naked eye, you can use the dipstick to know the level of oil which you have poured. Do not overfill the engine with oil as it may cause various problems. Close the cap once you are done and tighten it.


Once done, make sure that you have closed all the caps and tighten all of them so that there is no leakage.