Service apartments Singapore

Service apartments can generally offer many of the benefits offered by regular hotels of choice for long-term stays. However, unlike hotels, motels can offer the experience of being in a traveler’s or a stranger’s home. Judging, it’s very valuable. The service apartments offer hotel-style amenities in spacious residential units, with service apartments and housekeeping and concierge services. There is also an independent dining room, a sitting area for sleeping.

Here are some of the main advantages of staying in a service apartment.

More space

Those who wish to stay a week or more, or who plan to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, can comfortably and comfortably spend in a spacious apartment as well as phobias and enthusiasts.

Increased flexibility

With a motel, there is no time constraint that hotel guests can receive. For example, hotel guests need to dine or order room service. The latter can be pricey, but the former means that customers will have to eat during normal restaurant hours of operation.

Strengthen the protection of privacy

For those who do not want to be informed of the hotel staff survey or meet uncomfortable people, service apartments can provide more personal information.


Motel guests generally enjoy higher rates as they tend to book longer stays. More importantly, service apartments are generally cheaper to rent than hotels, as services and facilities are less expensive.

Family more benefits

For foreigners who have moved to Singapore with their families, service apartments provide them with a favorable working space while still having enough space for other families to spend time independently. Families with children can also benefit from larger service apartments singapore, as parents usually need to bring more such as sterilizers or baby toys.