What is the purpose of colposcopy?

Colposcopy is the equipment used to have clear view on the cells found near cervix. It is helps doctors to have close up look and find cell changes with the cervix that turns into cancer. It is a typical cancer test that lets doctor to get close look and find abnormal cells in women cervix. The purpose of both pap smear and colposcopy Singapore is to find the cancer cells on cervix. The process is simple and pain free. Usually in this process, women will feel slight discomfort and spotting may occur after the examination. The process of colposcopy is simple and the doctor carries out easier through simple solution. For this simple process, specialist appointment is necessary.

How the colposcopy and Pap smear are done?

For this examination method, specialists make you lie down on the table. You need to lie down as you do for pelvic exam. The doctors will separate the vagina walls to check through cervix. Then the doctor will wash you cervix with a solution and then look it through colposcope. During this process, if the doctor sees anything suspicious then that person will get the cell samples through pap smear to examine the cells.

The process of taking samples is called as biopsy and it is done through two methods. One method involves sample collection from outer cervix and another is collecting from inside cervix. The process would not hurt the patient and it feels like a pinch while taking samples. Colposcopy will not physically touch any of your part during examination.