The Beautiful Sides of Semi-Permanent Manicure

You can find different alternatives in front of you who promise bright and colorful nails for longer: pick the best choice for you by using these important facts.

The semi-permanent manicure with gel polish has brought the hands of women who don’t have time and energy to go every week at the cosmetic salon or spa. This new trend is important for women, and probably the most requested manicures in the industry because it is characterized by the prolonged duration of polish that will not harm the natural nail and will not weaken it either as well as because it is much cheaper compared to acrylic nails.

Colores semipermanentes

That is why, in order not to leave aside the step by step process of the traditional manicure, the manicurist also apply a cuticle remover to later eliminate the skin that grows all over the nail.

Thus, the application of this method only differs from the traditional ones in the sort of base, polish and gloss used, which dries in a few seconds underneath the UV light of a Led lamp.

However, aside from the practicality offered by this new manicure method, numerous myths have been created around this trend.

Beautiful Sides of Semi-Permanent Manicure

Below are the following beautiful sides of semi-permanent manicure:

Beautiful and Irresistible Appearance

Semi-permanent manicure helps the nails look to brighter and beautiful than the traditional one. Oftentimes, its color remains fresh and new through the end, in fact, it can only be removed if the nail of the client has grown. In the same way, this kind of manicure is extremely versatile, because in most nail salons, it will be possible to turn to different polishes such as neon (which lights at nighttime), the iron shine (consisting of a number of metallic tones and colors), the temp colors (ability to change color depending on the temperature), among others that provide effects like the chameleon, and the shiny reflection effect. Moreover, this new trend may be followed by digital decoration such as stones or gems.

Durability and Resistance

When it comes to durability Constructores semipermanentes can last up to 15 days and above. Due to this, it becomes the best substitute for women who loves to travel which usually don’t have the time to set an appointment at the salon. Moreover, the glaze can last for a longer time, usually, it can last up to two or three weeks. However, the durability may vary depending on the nail growth of the client.

Dries Faster Compared to The Traditional Polish 

The drying process of semi-permanent manicure is faster than you may expect. This is certainly different from the usual manicure, which can easily be damaged from the salon’s chair or exit doors. Also, this manicure lets you resume work immediately because once the nails have been placed underneath the lights of a UV lamp, the nails turn out dry. Therefore, using this trend you put aside the concept of staying still for several minutes for your nails not to get damaged due to slow drying.