Perfect Fashion finds for you Pooch!

A lot of dog lovers always face problems about where they will be able to buy their pets needs. Not only needs, but their fashion statements like collars, clothes, etc. Many stores and websites offer these kinds of thing but are you sure that what they sell are high class?

One of  Berties Boutique Pet Accessories   is selling high quality fashion finds for you puppies. They have a lot to offer and you might consider visiting their site for more high quality clothes for your dogs.

What Berties Boutique can offer you and your Dog?

High Quality Designer Dog Collars- These collars are not just the average type that you’ll see at pet shops. They offer many kinds that are perfect for a fashionable walk at the park. They are very comfortable for your pups and you won’t have to worry about designs because they got tons. Some are handmade, patterned fabric collars, wool and also leather material collars. All our collars will be a perfect fit for your pet and will look fantastic when out walking. Where available, you can even match some of our collars with a matching harness and lead.

Berties Boutique Pet Accessories

Dog Beds- Let your pooch sleep in luxury dog beds made to give your puppies the most comfortable sleep. They range from sofas to beds that are made to match your home furnishings. Some of these have waterproof properties and that makes it even more perfect!

Dog Harnesses- These harnesses are very fashionable and can be a perfect match to your collar and lead. They come in different colours and designs which is a perfect way to match with your dogs personality. What a stylish way to go to the dog park!

Dog Carriers- Now these are the most stylish dog carriers around. Not just stylish but also safe for your pets to be carried around. The smaller bags are perfect for your baby’s and they are safe and sound. There are also larger carriers for bigger dogs with wheels to just wheel them around. These are perfect for long travels or a visit to the vet. See, your dogs can be stylish and fashionable while at the vet, too!

Dog Coats- These coats are perfect for rainy days or for winter! It comes in different colours and designs that are perfect for different kinds of dogs, too. So you can never go wrong from visiting this website because of the many eye-catching offers that they have!

They sell durable and high quality products that you surely don’t want to miss! It is perfect for you pooch and they look so cute in it, too. You don’t have to worry if it looks uncomfortable because it’s guaranteed safe for your pets and comfortable.