Know about the two types of gift cards

Gift card is a buzzing word whether you are at a mall or retail store near your house or on an online e-marketing store. We buy them to use for ourselves and to gift our dear ones.

If you know the basics about gift cards, you can make the right decisions to pick one which suits the needs of the different situations.

Gift cards are basically of two types, store cards and cash cards.

Store cards are as the name suggests, they are specific to a store or retailer like Victoria’s Secret. Today, so many stores offer gift cards.

These cards allow you to personalise your gift when gifting. If you give a store card of a specific cardlike Macy’s or any other to your friend on his graduation, it shows that you care about his interests.

It will surely bring a smile to your friend’s face. Keep the person’s interests in mind and give them a gift card accordingly on their special occasions and make them delighted. So for gifting, store cards are the better option as it allows flexibility to choose one according to the different tastes of people.

Cash cards are different and they are issued by companies like mastercard and Visa etc. These cards are just like cash. You can use them anywhere with no restrictions. Places at where a credit card can be accepted, you can use a cash card.

You can gift them so the recipient can enjoy greater flexibility to use them at any store they want. They can pay their bills or buy trousers of their choice of brand. Give a gift card like vanilla Visa and allow your gift recipient to spend money as they wish.

Thus both types of gift cards have their own advantages. If you want to give a personalized gift, store cards are the better option. You can have a personalise option but limited to the store.

With cash cards, you cannot personalize however, the recipient can enjoy greater flexibility to use them as they wish. It is just giving cash in the form of a gift card.

So keep the recipients’ tastes in mind and pick the one accordingly.