A brief note on wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. There are located in all four quadrants of the mouth. Each quadrant has one teeth and in total 4 third molars are present. Extraction of these teeth sometimes require specialized surgical treatment and not the regular one and can be done at singapore dental wisdom tooth extraction.

For upper teeth

Generally, upper third molars which can also be called maxillary third molars can be extracted easily compared to that lower molars. Most of the upper third molars need not require surgical intervention. Surgical treatment is required in cases with grossly decayed third molar or if any tooth fused with bone strength.

Maxillary teeth can be extracted easily from the socket because the maxillary bone is more porous than the mandibular. Even the cortical bone of maxillary bone is thinner so extraction of the maxillary third molar is easier except in very few cases.

For lower teeth

Even lower wisdom teeth can be removed without surgical intervention in cases where teeth are regulated straight to the other teeth, so they will be easy to remove. But in some cases, the teeth are regulated perpendicular to the other teeth within the line and they need surgical intervention.And some other teeth are regulated back side tilted and even they cannot be extracted using basic techniques because angulation won’t set and the teeth may break leaving the roots behind.

So it is advisable to do surgery in such cases. Here the mandibular bine has denser bone and even the critical plates are not thin so they need an instrument to gutter the bine as bone can’t be broken using simple equipment. And even if surgery is done then sutures are also needed to close the socket as mandibular sockets are large and they need to be properly closed for better closure of the socket.