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Why Use Lingo24, Inc.’s Online Translation Services?

Lingo24, Inc. is passionate about customer service. Our Key Performance Indicator is based on feedback from our clients, which remains over 99.8% positive. Not bad if you ask us!

Not only do we put our name to quality online translation services, but our hubs over four continents allow us to provide a truly 24-hour service— there’s always a Lingo-ist to look after your project.

Our global team is comprised of thousands of language professionals, from top translators to project managers. We all share a true love for language and a passion for great customer service.

We oversee the translation of over sixty million words per year, for businesses and individuals in every industry sector. We have translated for top names like Bloomberg, American Express and MTV. At the same time, we know how small businesses tick, and we have the expertise in place to help you get the very best from your translations.

At the very cutting edge of technology, our proprietary software, Heart, is a cleverly synchronised suite of translation tools which keeps us ahead of the pack. It can be fully integrated into your Content Management System, and can be customised according to your needs.

Whether it’s our hard-working attitude, 24-hour service, great translators or our approach to technology and our dedication to customer service, we think our online translation services truly stand out from the rest.