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In order to launch a successful foreign language website, you need two fundamental elements.


Firstly, website content translation: your text will need to be translated into the target language. And secondly, website content optimization: your website will need to be optimized with keywords so that it ranks in the local search engines.

All search engines use algorithms to work out what content they display to searchers; how they index and rank websites. The key building block to all algorithms is keywords – the words or phrases that web searchers use to search online for your goods or services.

Keywords are like the signposts of the internet – search engine spiders trawl your web pages to look for these signposts in your page titles, text and tags. Incorporating relevant keywords into your website content is the first step to successful search engine optimization (SEO).

For foreign language SEO copywriting and optimization, there are other elements to consider. Foreign language keywords are rarely direct translations from English, and different countries prefer different search engines, with each search engine using a different algorithm with a different preferred keyword density.

Our native-speaking SEO specialists have the skill set to work out which keywords will perform best for you, and how to implement those keywords effectively for the target search engine. And our professional translators and copywriters can incorporate your keywords into your content in a way that blends seamlessly with the text.

Combining your content translation process with your website’s content optimization ensures that your copy will read fluently and professionally, but will also be optimized and ready to perform at its peak in the search engines.


Website Optimisation Services

For each individual project we will deliver:

  • Keyword Localization & Research. The top performing keywords for your website in your target foreign languages.
  • Keyword Mapping. A map of these keywords to your site architecture, to ensure you cover all bases.
  • Content Optimization. Optimization of your content with these keywords at the correct keyword density.
  • Meta Tag Creation. SEO copywriting for your Meta Tags, to ensure they are search-engine-friendly and people-friendly.