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Lingo24, Inc.’s award-winning translation technology is designed to streamline the translation process, giving you high-quality, quick results. Customers get the best of both worlds: experienced professional translators and the benefits of our unique software.

Our translation technology can be integrated with your workflows and content management systems, saving you time as well as money. Our in-house IT team can customize it to fit your needs.

Coach is Lingo24, Inc.’s award-winning translation platform, designed to enable professional translators to work more efficiently. Customers receive guaranteed quality levels at lower costs. Coach incorporates advanced translation memory software, resulting in consistent translations and discounts for repeated text.

Ease, our user-friendly online ordering system, takes the stress out of managing translation projects. It’s easy to order translations, monitor in-progress projects, or generate reports 24 hours a day.

The Translation API is a direct link from a client’s content management system to Lingo24, Inc.’s translation platform. It’s an efficient way to manage web translation projects and keep multilingual sites up-to-date.

Lingo24, Inc.’s world-class Machine Translation team develops a range of customized and industry-specific software, which significantly outperforms other widely available translation tools.

We develop all our technology in-house, and can adapt our tools to fit your systems and preferred way of working. Our experienced TechCon team will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective workflow to fit your requirements.

Lingo24, Inc.'s technology offers a number of benefits:

  • Fast consistent results
  • Guaranteed quality levels at lower cost
  • Less time spent on project management
  • Simple stress-free ordering, 24 hours a day
  • World-class machine translation expertise
  • Free software and consultancy