Heart Translation Technology Case Studies, Lingo24us.com

Case studies: Linking Our Technical Translators with your Systems

We’ve linked our Heart translation technology with loads of our big clients, to make the transition between our top technical translators and your project managers completely seamless.

Major Tourism Body

Lingo24, Inc. undertook a project with a major tourism body to translate its websites into 20 other languages—a combined total of around three million words.

Our Technical Division worked with their IT team, building a plug-in to integrate with their Fatwire CMS. We established a Web Services link between their CMS and our Heart. This allowed them to log-in to our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, XTM, and submit their content for translation directly.

They were also able to make changes or updates and to monitor the translations process directly within XTM itself. We then integrated previous translations they had undertaken into the XTM Translation Memory, which allowed them to benefit from big discounts from word repetitions.

Sports Management Consultancy

Lingo24, Inc. completed a project for a sports management consultancy firm, translating football articles into Arabic, three times a day.

We integrated our XTM-based Heart Technology with their Wordpress CMS, using a bespoke plug-in developed by Lingo24, Inc.’s Technical Division. Using APIs, we created an automatic workflow to their liking, which minimized project management time.

XTM allowed many technical translators and editors to work together on the same file at the same time, which reduced turnaround times and allowed for quick and accurate translations.

This meant projects of 3,000-10,000 words, which would have taken a single translator between eight and 24 hours to complete were finalized and uploaded within just two hours.