Market Research Translation,

Market Research Translation

Our top sector is the Market Research industry – we’ve translated 12.5 million words since 2006 for 60 market research companies. Of our top five clients, the majority are leaders in market research, requiring accurate questionnaire and survey translation across all language combinations.

The extensive market research translation work that we do means that we have an unparalleled knowledge of the translation requirements of market research professionals. We have over 1000 translators in our network, across all language combinations, specializing in market research data processing, questionnaire and survey translation, and the translation and copywriting of creative market research questionnaires and stimulus materials.

What’s more, our Director for the Americas joined Lingo24, Inc. after many years directing operations in Europe for one of the world’s leading market research and survey sampling companies. Suffice to say, we understand market research translation.

Here’s an overview of the types of work we do for market research companies:

  • Coding
  • Online and offline questionnaires
  • Questionnaire responses
  • Recruitment questionnaires
  • Survey translation
  • Discussion guides and briefing notes
  • Stimulus materials (showcards, concept boards, product descriptions)
  • Transcripts of group discussions and IDIs
  • Research reports (Word and PowerPoint)
  • Brand name checking/linguistic evaluation
  • Semiotic checks
Case studies

Global leader in surveying solutions

We’ve translated a total of 562 projects, including market research questionnaires and associated stimulus and marketing collateral, for this international market research company since 2006.

Our team of dedicated translators, with professional experience in the market research sector, has translated over four million words across 96 language combinations, including over 190 hours dedicated to localization.

For market research surveys and questionnaires, localization is often crucial, because it ensures that the translated surveys are appropriate in tone and content for their target region, as language use can vary greatly between countries that share a common tongue. Accurate localization is essential to ensure that survey questions are appropriately phrased and deliver accurate results.

Digital market research company

We translate a large number of questionnaires for this San Francisco-based online market research company, as well as carrying out quality checks online to ensure that the content of the surveys is not affected in the uploading process.

We’ve translated a total of 1.5 million words across 18 languages, including English into Chinese, Russian, Spanish (Spain and Latin American dialects), French, Canadian French, Italian and German. Our 24 hour coverage is particularly valuable for this client, as we work with both their North American and European offices.