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Finding the right translation services agency can be a difficult task, but we understand the need for local talent. And when it comes to translation services, the USA has a lot to offer. That’s why Lingo24, Inc. offers translation services in the USA for anything from translating a simple document in a hurry to completely re-writing marketing material.

To make sure you get exactly what you require at the best price, we have a number of translation service levels.

  • Fully Managed Translation and Editing

    Fully Managed Translation and Editing

    Our most popular translating option—we both translate and edit your source file.
    Business translation where accuracy and meaning take priority, but style is less important. (e.g. outgoing emails/letters, legal contracts, general documentation)
  • Budget Translation

    Budget Translation

    Quick, cheap translation service, combining automatic translation with light post-editing
    Suitable for large volumes of documents, and texts that are required for information, rather than publication.
  • First Draft Translation

    First Draft Translation

    A quick, affordable, professional translation service.
    Translating a text where style isn’t a priority. This basic translation service is great for documents that aren’t business-critical or client-facing. (e.g. incoming correspondence, social media responses)
  • Fully Managed Translation with Style

    Fully Managed Translation with Style

    A professional translation service which is proofread and takes your brand messaging/house style into account.
    Texts that must adhere to branding rules or a particular style. (e.g. marketing documents)
  • Transcreation


    Unique copywriting in your target language, which is fully localized.
    Brand new marketing material aimed at a foreign language audience.


You can trust Lingo24, Inc. to be the translation services agency to offer you the appropriate service level, based on your individual needs.