Linking Our Translation Technology with Your Systems

Linking Our Translation Technology with Your Systems

Lingo24, Inc.’s Heart translation technology offers full Content Management System (CMS) integration, giving you full control for the management of your translation projects.

Ever wished managing your translation project was a little easier? With Heart translation technology, we offer CMS integration to make project management a breeze.

Heart automatically transfers your content straight to our team of translators at the touch of a button, where our translators, proofreaders and editors can get to work straight away. If you need your own editors or reviewers to take a look too, they can access the content at various stages too!

Following approval of the content, it’s send straight back to your CMS, where it can either be automatically published, or you can choose to approve it before it goes live.

Think CMS integration is difficult? Think again. We can integrate out systems either by way of a simple, customized, CMS plug-in or via a web link. We’ll even work with you to write your plug-in, making sure we meet your exact requirements, like the language combinations you need, or any other special items that might need translating, like meta tags or other similar data.

Here’s a run-down of our integration process:

  1. The knowledgeable team at Lingo24, Inc.’s Technical Division will gather the necessary information to write the CMS plug-in or web services link.
  2. Our tech teams will work with your developers to start creating, installing and configuring the plug-in/web services link.
  3. We’ll carry out a number of tests to make sure everything is correctly configured and that you’re happy with our creation.
  4. You let us know if you need it customizing any further, and we can work with your developers to make any changes.

We can fully integrate with your CMS in around one to two working weeks. Turnaround times depend on what work is needed, and the level of customization required.

With the CMS integration ready to go, ordering couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple as logging in, uploading your content and clicking a button. Our team will then translate the content, which is uploaded straight into your system.