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Multilingual Transcription Services

Multilingual Transcription is taking a speech or other spoken source and noting it down into a written format. The spoken file might be a video or piece of audio like .mp3, .mp4, .wav or .avi.


multilingual transcription experts over all language combinations


Lingo24, Inc.’s foreign language transcription specialists are all fully-qualified experts with extensive transcription experience. Our translators are native speakers of the language being translated into, and are specially chosen for their experience in a particular field.

Foreign language transcription can be a tricky business, and it generally takes around three to four hours to transcribe one hour of audio or video material. Timing can also depend on the subject matter, the quality of the source material or the number of speakers.

We price transcription by the minute, and translation pricing is per 1000 words. A minute of video or audio can contain between 100-300 words!

Our multilingual transcription experts can provide the whole translation package, from transcription to translation. We can even arrange a foreign language Voice Over service using professional multilingual artists.


We can quickly and efficiently transcribe your video or audio content in any foreign language.

Case study

We recently transcribed a number of hour-long interviews with finance specialists who discussed the latest goings-on in their industry for the media.

The interviews came to us in German, French and Italian and were required to be transcribed before being translated into English.

Lingo24, Inc. gathered a specialist team of translators and transcription experts with significant experience in the financial world. This ensured accuracy, continuity and clarity in much of the financial terminology.