Document Checking and Editing Services,

Document Checking and Editing of Translated Materials

Have you had a recent translation done but you now need the document checking? We can provide a ‘Checking and Editing’ proofreading service which will ensure your translations are correct.


A fully qualified and experienced native-speaking translator will undertake extensive proofreading of your translated document, editing (if necessary) and checking your text for errors.

Document Checking and Editing ensures that your translated text is accurate, word-for-word, is totally complete and contains absolutely no mistakes.

For complete peace of mind, we can provide a signed Certification of Accuracy.


Our proofreading experts will ensure your translations are accurate by checking the source text against the translated version.


Case study

Lingo24, Inc. recently undertook a 29-hour proofreading project including document editing and checking of translations for a German ad agency. It involved the English translations of marketing material for the Engineering industry, so accuracy was imperative.