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All organizations use technical terminology that is specific to their industry, such as medical terminology, engineering terminology or IT terminology.

Translators who work on technical translations must have a firm understanding of the usage of these specific technical terms, in order to translate documents accurately.

At Lingo24, Inc. we look for translators who have professional experience in specific industries, such as marketing, software and IT, engineering, research, teaching, law, telecoms, and healthcare, so that they are able to fully understand the processes, text and terminology of the projects they work on.

Our rigorous recruitment policies include sourcing our translators’ references and testing their terminology knowledge in their specific sector. You can rest assured that, no matter what sector you work in, our translators have the specific technical knowledge required for your highly technical translations.

Case studies

Technical Translator Case Study

Translator and copywriter Laurent works exclusively from English into his native French. After studying to be a computer systems engineer, he went on to do a Master’s in Multimedia in Paris. He spent five years working as a multimedia software engineer around the world, before returning to Paris to work as a software developer for various web agencies.

Since 2006, Laurent has worked full-time as a translator, naturally specializing in software, computing and technology, but also working on website localization projects, press releases and commercial brochures. With extensive experience of the IT industry, he is able to provide high quality English to French translations of technical documents.