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Translation Services

Lingo24, Inc. provide translation services to companies large and small. We are experienced in not only traditional translation services, such as translating documents from English to French and Spanish to English, but also legal translations, financial translations, website localisation and more. We aim to provide timely and accurate translations whatever the job or language involved.

Language Translation

European languages form the bulk of our translation work, with French to English and English to French translation being the most common. This has given us an excellent range of experience in translating for a variety of industries, from marketing to medicine. For instance, our Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation division specialises in technical and scientific documents. We can cover all your foreign language translation needs.

Professional Translators

All our professional language translators are dedicated to their job, and fluent in both their languages having lived in both countries extensively. This ensures that our professional translators are all up-to-date with current language practices, so all our translations are as localised and relevant as possible.

Website Localisation

Lingo24, Inc.'s extensive experience in website localisation means we have learnt how to overcome the difficulties inherent in adding foreign language versions to existing sites. We use a sophisticated content management system which makes the translation and upkeep of a foreign language website as easy as possible. When performing website localisation, we take great care that the translation fits the original text, both in meaning and in style. Our localisation service (or localization service for US customers!) ensures that visitors to your website won't know it's been translated.

Financial Translation Services

From financial report translations to translation of pre-publication research, our expertise in translating financial documents ensures that we will select the most experienced and appropriate financial translator for the project. Our financial translation service is second to none, and we treat all pre-publication financial research with the utmost confidentiality.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is a minefield if not handled correctly. Lingo24, Inc.'s legal translation service ensures that right translator is matched to each project, so if a translation requires knowledge of French matrimonial law we would select a qualified French translator with knowledge and experience in that area. Along with confidentiality and accuracy, our legal translations can be authenticated by an official notary. For legal document translation, trust Lingo24, Inc. to perform an accurate document translation.