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SEO Consultancy Services

Lingo24, Inc.’s team of global SEO consultants understand how the multilingual SEO process works from beginning to end. Before you undertake Web Translation and Optimisation, our SEO Consultancy team will advise you on:

  • Which languages and foreign markets to target;
  • How your competitors are faring in your target foreign markets;
  • How to design your websites’ structures to ensure their best performance with foreign language content;
  • Which Search Engine Optimization strategies are best suited to your aims and budget.


Our SEO Consultancy team has over 20 years’ hands-on experience in global multilingual SEO, combining the knowledge and experience of Lingo24, Inc.’s Head of Foreign Language Internet Marketing, Head of Internal Internet Marketing, and Lingo24, Inc. founder Christian Arno.



increase in Lingo24's turnover between 2005 and 2010, driven largely by multilingual SEO


Lingo24, Inc. has seen exceptional growth driven by global SEO – our team can show you how to achieve similar results. Why limit yourself to one language market, when for a minimal investment you could test the waters internationally and expand beyond the furthest horizons?


For a one-off project:

  • Website Set-up Consultancy. Expert advice on how to configure your websites to perform best with foreign language content in international search engines.
  • Global Competition Review. Analysis of your competition in target foreign markets.
  • Search Demand Analysis by Country. Analysis of which foreign markets deliver the best search traffic for your relevant key phrases.
  • Web Content Translation Recommendations. We advise on what content to translate for your websites, to ensure best performance.