Life Sciences and Medical Translation,

Scientific Translation

Lingo24, Inc. has delivered over 5 million words of scientific and medical translations since 2006, working for 125 separate scientific organizations and life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We have translators with professional expertise in everything from biology and astronomy to medical translations of pharmaceutical trials. Our translators work on a myriad of scientific translation projects, including technical reports, patents, training manuals, and a range of other scientific and pharmaceutical documents. Here’s an overview of the types of scientific translations we currently complete for research bodies and life sciences companies:


  • Research papers
  • Product patents
  • Product packaging
  • Informational brochures
  • Dosage and usage instructions
  • Training materials
  • Technical reports
  • Marketing collateral
  • Financial accounts
  • Client communications
Case studies

Multinational pharmaceutical company

Since April 2006, we’ve translated 400,000 words of internal company communications, training manuals and marketing collateral for this major multinational pharmaceutical firm. We integrated the company with our Heart technology to ensure we are able to quickly deliver their content to their dedicated team of translators for French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Malay and Urdu.


Cavity detection system developer

Lingo24, Inc. has translated 37,000 words since May 2011 for this company, which develops cavity detection systems for the dental industry. Our translators with expertise in the dental industry have worked on a broad range of product presentations and consumer brochures, translating from English into Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as from German into French.