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Parlez-Vous Pay Per Click (PPC)? Da, Hai, Si, Oui! Search Marketing Standard
26th March, 2012
Only around a quarter of web users speak English, and this proportion is falling. PPC campaigns can be the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. But many companies fail to make use of opportunities in foreign languages.
In this feature, Lingo24, Inc.’s Christian Arno explores the benefits of PPC campaigns across multiple languages. He shares some top tips on everything from choosing keywords and languages to analysing results.
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How to monitor your global reputation IMedia Connection
08th March, 2012
IMedia Connection is a leading source of news and insights for the marketing community. Lingo24, Inc.’s founder, Christian Arno, is a regular contributor.
In this article, he looks at the importance of online reputation monitoring for global companies. Working across language barriers can create problems even for the most vigilant businesses. But there are a few simple steps that can help protect your brand.
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Using mobile marketing to reach a global audience Econsultancy
16th February, 2012
Lingo24, Inc.’s MD, Christian Arno, is a regular contributor to Econsultancy, a leading source of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and ecommerce.
In this recent article, he explores how mobile internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers in emerging markets. Sales of smartphones are soaring, while more users worldwide are choosing cheap mobile devices over fixed broadband connections. A mobile optimized website is fast becoming essential for global businesses.
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Successful SEO Marketing in Other Languages Search Engine Strategies
February, 2012
Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference is a leading global event focusing on search and social marketing. In this article for the SES magazine, Lingo24, Inc.’s MD Christian Arno explores the benefits of search marketing in other languages.
The English-language internet is a crowded place, with hot competition for the highest search rankings. But there is still relatively little content in other languages, while the number of non-English-speaking users is growing fast.
Foreign language internet marketing is an effective way to tap into new markets and take advantage of this relative lack of competition.
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European firm eyes Cebu as Asian hub Inquirer Global Nation
02nd April, 2011
Lingo24, Inc. became the first translation company to locate in Cebu City, the Philippines, in early 2011. The global company chose the city for its Asian headquarters due to its accessibility and talented workforce.
Managing director Christian Arno told a local reporter why he is optimistic about the company’s latest venture. They had received help from Cebu universities with recruiting the best people for the company. The new hub will enable them to provide a better service to clients in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, New Zealand and India.
He said: “The initial purpose of this office is to manage existing Asian language requirements and grow our client portfolio in the future. This is where actually everyone else is going, the Asia Pacific, and we find it reasonable to set up in Cebu which we see as a sustainable place with a sustainable culture.”
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Trends emerge at SXSW Interactive Austin News
14th March, 2011
The biggest SXSWI festival so far brought together thousands of entrepreneurs and tech experts from around the globe. With some of the biggest names in the digital world, it was the place to find out about emerging trends.
Lingo24, Inc.’s founder told the Austin News how connections made at the festival could benefit the company. He said: “Austin is an incredibly progressive place and it's a good place to center internationally-minded operations. We'll be back every year I think.”
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The virtual business: Doing deals in your pyjamas BBC
04th March, 2011
Running a business from home is nothing new. But the internet has made it easier – and cheaper - than ever to get started. And you don’t even have to leave your armchair to reach customers around the world.
Lingo24, Inc.'s operations director Jack Waley-Cohen talks about how company’s “hybrid” situation: it has a core physical presence in small offices, with the majority of staff working remotely. It’s grown from a small home-based start-up to a global company over the last decade.
Jack said: “Working virtually in the beginning meant that we've just worked a bit more intelligently," he says. "We've developed all our systems to give us flexibility you won't have in an office. And as a growing business cost is a major consideration. Even if you have a small team in an office it adds to the overheads."
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Translation service provider Lingo24 to open office in Cebu Examiner
28th January, 2011
Lingo24, Inc. announces its plans to open its Asian hub in Cebu City, the Philippines. Starting with six employees, this could grow to around 100 in a few years. Managing director Christian Arno said it was one of the best cities due to its accessibility and talented workers. He said: “We are looking for multilingual people here who know languages like English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Korean.” Read the full article...
Why your business must embrace the foreign language internet Mashable
15th November, 2010
Internet use is growing fast – and most of this growth is among non-English-speakers. Lingo24, Inc.’s MD Christian Arno looks at the explosion in web use in languages such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese, and how businesses can benefit from this trend. Most content is still in English, meaning stiff competition for the top search engine rankings. Going multilingual can help companies achieve greater prominence, providing an increased return on investment. Read the full article...
Speaking in mother tongues translates into a success story The Telegraph
19th May, 2009
In a global market it helps if you can speak more than one language. Lingo24, Inc. as you’d expect, speaks hundreds. That’s its job; and income is soaring. Last year’s turnover was £2.9m, this year the company is on track to hit £4m. Read the full article...
How I made it: Christian Arno Founder of Lingo24.comThe Sunday Times
17th May, 2009
My way to make money was found in translation. Read the full article...
My working week...Business7
24th April, 2009
Christian Arno's working week. Read the full article...
Messages of doom don’t mean the end of the worldFinancial Times
18th April, 2009
It's important not to make bad news any worse when communicating with staff, writes Jonathan Moules. Read the full article...
Ten Questions for Christian Arno, Director of Lingo24Edinburgh Evening News
6th April, 2009
Interview with Christian Arno, the founder of Lingo24 Translation Company UK. Read the full article...
Talking language of business Press and Journal
4th February, 2009
Former north-east entrepreneur of the year Christian Arno is demonstrating a flair for commerce as well as for languages. Keith Findlay found out more. Read the full article...