Translation Agency US: Lingo24, Inc. Translation Team

Lingo24, Inc.'s Translation Team

The personnel behind our US translation agency are young and enthusiastic language professionals from all over the world - get to know us here.


Language Combination Controllers

Lingo24, Inc.’s Language Combination Controllers are a trusted team of experienced in-house and external translators who are in charge of all projects in their language combination. They proofread and monitor the translation quality of our projects and they assess our translators for quality on an on-going basis.


Lingo24, Inc. has a network of around four thousand translators, most of them living 'in-country'. This means that an English translator in London, for example, will only ever translate into English; and a French translator in Paris will only ever work into French, even if they are fluent in a number of other languages. They are all professional translators and members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or an equivalent body in their own country such as the BDU (Germany) or the SFT (France).

If you're interested in becoming a Lingo24, Inc. translator, please visit our Join the team page for further information.

Project Management

The Lingo24, Inc. Project Management team handles all aspects of the translation process. They will select an appropriately experienced translator from our network of language specialists, whilst also ensuring a similarly qualified proofreader is in place.

A dedicated Project Manager is always on hand throughout the entire translation process.

Account Management

The Lingo24, Inc. Account Management department is the first point of contact for you as a new client. They will be there to guide you through the translation process and will outline exactly what we can offer you, matching your needs to the appropriate service level.

Our Account Management team’s professionalism and dedication are central to Lingo24, Inc.’s position at the forefront of the translation industry. As 88% of our business is from returning customers, our Account Management department plays a crucial role in ensuring that your needs as a loyal customer are met. This may involve ensuring that the same translator is used for each of your projects – or assigning different translators to different tasks - and making sure that you only ever pay for the level or service that you need.

Linguist Management

Given that translation is Lingo24, Inc.’s core service offering, translator management and recruitment are extremely important aspects of our operations.

The Lingo24, Inc. Linguist Management department ensures that only the very best in-country, mother-tongue translators are added to our network. Once each translator has passed our strict testing stages, the Linguist Management department works with the Project Management department and our Language Combination Controllers to ensure that the highest standards are maintained for each project thereafter.

We often receive a translation request with an unusual language combination. It is the job of the Linguist Management department to recruit a professionally qualified translator with the necessary language skills. This can often be at very short notice.

Technical Division

As an online translation company, the technological wizards behind our computing systems are what make us tick. Our highly skilled technical division incorporates in-house programmers, software engineers, designers and developers, and enables us to manage any format or technical requirement.

Our Technical Division also provide Desktop Publishing (DTP) services in-house, and provide technical support and training in our translation management technology for translators and clients.

Information Technology

As an online translation company, the IT wizards behind our computing systems and software are what make us tick. Our IT division is made up of expert programmers and software developers, whose role is to manage and maintain Lingo24’s on-going technological requirements, and to develop the new software and technology that keeps us at the forefront of the translation industry.

Marketing and Online Marketing

The Marketing and Online Marketing team help to spread the word about Lingo24, Inc. far and wide. Lingo24 is a respected source of expert advice and commentary in the fields of translation, localisation and the foreign language internet, and this reputation is due largely to the efforts of our Marketing and Online Marketing team.

The team ensure that every piece of marketing material we produce is accurate and reflective of the services we offer - they make sure that our brand image stays reflective of who we truly are as a company.

Human Resources

People are the cornerstone of any successful business, but it’s always important to match the right person with the job.

As one of the top global translating agencies, London and Edinburgh – as two key capital cities – is where we have based our main UK operational hubs. This is also where our directors, marketing personnel and UK/European in-country Account managers are based.

But with operations spread across four continents, the need to find the right people is just as important in Romania and Panama as it is in the UK; which is why we always recruit those with the relevant skills and experience for the job.


Lingo24, Inc. has a dedicated team of support staff that help to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of our company, and that we remain one of the top translation companies in the US. Having reliable and dedicated support personnel in Accounts and administrative capacity means that everybody else is able to concentrate on what they do best.


Lingo24, Inc.’s two directors are responsible for the strategic growth of the company and their combination of skill-sets has been central to our becoming one of the top US translation agencies and the number one choice for some of the world’s biggest blue-chip companies.

As the founder and Managing Director of Lingo24, Inc. Christian is very strong on instinct and ideas and with Andrew as the Operations Director, they work together to develop these ideas and take them forward.