Translation Technologies,

Translation Technologies

Our translation technologies, including our proprietary software, Heart, all combine to deliver a great translation service to you.

Not only does it make it much easier for you to work with us, but it allows easy access to your translations in real-time.

It leads the way in translation technology innovation in terms of value for money, quality and turnaround times.

How Heart Helps You

We can integrate our Heart with your Content Management System or provide a web services link. This streamlines the translation process workflow and reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend managing your projects.

By centralizing the file management process, it means there’s less administration to do, lower costs and much less room for error.

Its in-built Quality Assurance (QA) checks continuously improve the more you use it, meaning fewer potential errors to slip through the net. It also employs the use of Translation Memory, which ‘remembers’ certain terminology and in-context phrases. Your Translation Memory is updated and stored online, and any subsequent matches can be discounted from your translation total.

Heart gives you control over the translation process, letting your monitor your projects from start to finish. It’s also compatible with other translation technologies, letting you reap the benefits of other translation tools.

We can also work in most desktop publishing formats to ensure your document is fully designed and ready for publication. Indeed, our sophisticated translation technology can easily convert between file formats at the touch of a button.

In short, Heart helps us to deliver quick, quality and low-cost translations with minimum fuss.