Operational Quality Policy, Lingo24us.com

Operational Quality policy

Lingo24, Inc.’s Operational Quality policy defines our identity, our visions, our goals and our values, and with them the basic rules of how we do things.


In brief, this means that we:

  • develop and continuously improve our Quality Management System in order to increase our clients’ satisfaction
  • develop and continuously improve our services under the observance of the highest requirements of operational safety, quality, reliability and environmental responsibility
  • eliminate any kind of unlawful discrimination, including: race, disability, sex discrimination and harassment
  • promote equal opportunity for all our employees
  • promote good relations between people of different racial groups and positive attitudes towards disabled people
  • deliver our services using safe equipment/machinery and be proactive to prevent accidents and failures of the delivery process
  • protect our employees from damage to their health, dispose of any waste in a way that is environmentally friendly way and conforms with the law
  • observe legal and other requirements beyond the required standard in order to continuously and sustainably improve environmental load and operational safety
  • achieve the service features and characteristics promised to our customers and deliver our services on time and with high quality.


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