Professional Translators and Proofreaders,

Are you an experienced, professional translator or proofreader?

Join the Lingo24, Inc. team!

We’re always in need of more professional translators and editors/proofreaders in all language combinations - there are plenty of jobs to go around!

We demand a lot from our translators - you must be efficient, professional, and able to interact with us using our web-based translator interface and email.

We’re also very supportive, and our production team want to build long-term relationships with translators to ensure we produce high quality work.


Our translators must:

  • have an internationally recognised translator's qualification (from a body such as the ITI or IOL in the UK, or the American Translators' Association, or their own country's equivalent)
  • have at least three years' professional experience
  • work exclusively into their mother tongue
  • provide at least three professional references


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