Proofreading Services - Monolingual,

Monolingual Proofreading Services

If you’ve recently had some translations done, but you’re not sure if they’re grammatically correct, Lingo24, Inc.’s proofreading service will make sure your document is accurate and free of grammatical, spelling or stylistic errors.


Proofreading projects undertaken in 2010


Your document will be proofed by a fully-qualified native-speaking translator with extensive proofreading experience. They will thoroughly check the translation, (without referring to the source text), and edit or make notes if applicable.

For extra peace of mind we can provide you with a signed Certification of Accuracy.


Our monolingual proofreading service will ensure your translations are free of any errors.

Case study

Lingo24, Inc. undertook a 23-hour Monolingual Proofreading project for a German software firm. It involved proofreading a number of English-language texts which had been translated from German. We used one of our proofreaders with significant experience in the IT and software industries to ensure accuracy and clarity.