Media Translation,

Media and Entertainment Industry Translation

Media translation is a specialized area – many projects involve the translation of creative content, which must be carefully localized to ensure that it reads fluently for its target audience.

At Lingo24, Inc., we have 1963 translators with professional experience in journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, who specialize in translation for media companies and the entertainment industry.

We’ve completed 5.5 million words of media translation since 2006, working for 45 media companies and agencies within the entertainment industry, covering everything from television and online media to print. Here’s an overview of the types of projects we currently deliver for media agencies and the press:

  • News and feature articles
  • Press releases
  • Video and audio transcription
  • Marketing collateral
  • Website localization
  • Legal contracts
  • Financial accounts
  • Product packaging
  • Desktop Publishing
Case studies


Lingo24, Inc. has been the translation providers for many high profile MTV projects, including the localization of the MTV website and several campaign sub-sites (‘Vodafone Soundbites’, ‘Bond Girl Special’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda Game’), localizing the text in each case for the cultural slang and idiom of its overseas youth audience.

MTV’s projects are submitted on a daily basis, and then immediately attended to by the dedicated Project Manager, Account Manager and hand-picked team of translators and proof readers. Depending on word count and degree of technicality, turnaround for projects is as low as three hours for up to 1000 words.

New York broadsheet newspaper

Lingo24, Inc. established a team of translators with professional journalism experience to work with this respected American broadsheet, which has commissioned the translation of 28,000 words of feature and news articles from English into French, German and Spanish since January 2010.