Manufacturing Translation,

Manufacturing Translation

The manufacturing and production industry is one of our largest sectors – we’ve translated more than 15 million words since 2006 for over 200 different manufacturing clients.

With 276 translators in our global network with professional experience in the production sector and manufacturing translation, we translate everything from user manuals to terms and conditions. Here’s an overview of the types of manufacturing translation projects we’ve worked on:

  • Technical user manuals
  • Product packaging
  • Internal communications
  • Creative marketing collateral
  • Training manuals
  • Customer-facing communications
  • Press releases
  • Legal contracts
  • Presentations
  • Multilingual optimization and localization
Case studies

North American power solutions manufacturer

This major international manufacturer of power and connectivity solutions, based in Chicago, has translated over 1.4 million words with Lingo24, Inc. since June 2008. We’ve translated their user manuals, website content updates, and IT and marketing collateral, from English into many Latin American Spanish dialects, as well as French, Canadian French, German, Russian and Spanish. Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) experts have also designed their translated content into client-ready formats.

This client has a team of dedicated Project Managers across all our international hubs, as well as teams of dedicated translators for each language combination, to seamlessly handle the volume of translation work.


Automotive engineering company

Lingo24, Inc. has translated over 40,000 words a month for this automotive parts producer since 2008, working from English and Chinese into German. These manufacturing translation projects have included brochures, white papers, internal communications and legal contracts, necessitating the creation of a specialist team of translators and proofreaders with automotive manufacturing experience.