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Legal Translation Services

Lingo24, Inc. has significant experience in providing legal translations – in fact, we’ve translated legal documents totalling 1.5 million words for 80 law firms and legal services clients since 2006.

We appreciate that the legal sector is an area in which knowledge of correct terminology is absolutely critical for ensuring that translations are accurate representations of the source text. That is why we have a team of over 1000 translators with specialist experience providing legal translation services across all language combinations.

Many of our translators with specialist legal experience are trained lawyers who have worked internationally, so they bring valuable professional knowledge to bear on all their translation projects.

Our legal translation services have covered everything from legal contracts, prospectuses and accounts to brochures, court proceedings, appeal preparations and internal memos. Read the case studies below for details on projects we’ve conducted for two major international law firms.

Case studies

Global law firm

We’ve worked with this New York-based global law firm since April 2007, translating over 200,000 words of legal documents, including internal briefings, contracts and business prospectuses, between Brazilian Portuguese and English. Due to the technical nature of the documents, we sourced and engaged translators with knowledge of specialist legal terminology for the specific language combination.


European law firm

We’ve provided 95,000 words of legal translations since January 2009 to this well known Italian law firm, which specializes in international tax law. Projects have covered a broad range of requirements, including translating business proposals, accounts, internal communications and contracts, between English, Italian and French.