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Think we only provide language translation services? Think again! Lingo24, Inc. offers many language and internet marketing services to help you get the best out of your translations.

If you need further language services, such as Checking and Editing of translations or Monolingual Proofreading, we have the team for you. Maybe you need a helping hand with designing or formatting your documents—our Desktop Publishing (DTP) service can make sure your translations look great too.

For confirming the accuracy of any of Lingo24, Inc.’s languages services, we can provide legal Notarizations or a Certification of Accuracy. These will be supplied on headed company paper.

We also offer a number of localization services like Copywriting, Brand Name Checking and Content Localization of anything you can think of, from website copy to technical manuals.

If you’re working on an audio-visual project that needs translating, we can provide Transcription and Voice over, and for all your interpreting needs, we have a large team who are skilled in Consecutive Interpreted and Simultaneous Interpreting.

And if that’s not enough, we have a suite of Foreign Language Internet Marketing Services, which include: