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Interpreting Services

Lingo24, Inc. can provide professional interpreters for a many major European and worldwide languages in a number of specialties.


Whatever kind of interpreter, we have one available for all your translation needs. From ad hoc (or ‘whisper’) interpreters for your business meetings to consecutive interpreters who can record your speech or lecture then present it to the audience in a foreign language, we have an expert on our books. For your conference needs we can also provide a simultaneous interpreting service including visits from and to foreign customers.

A thorough pre-event briefing will make sure you get the interpreting services you need, and our interpreters carry out their own research to ensure accuracy.

Availability is generally very flexible (minimum of half a day), so you can always guarantee linguistic excellence, even at short notice.

And if interpreting isn’t enough, we can arrange a translation service to ensure speedy and accurate translation of any relevant documents that you might need.


Our range of interpreting services can cater for all of your translation and interpretation needs, on any subject matter in any language combination.


Case study

Lingo24, Inc. provided Interpreting Services for 24 hours for an international market research firm. This Simultaneous Interpreting project saw our professional interpreter on-site in the United Kingdom for two 12-hour sessions, interpreting in meetings and interviews. The client said: ‘Everything went excellently at the weekend with your interpreter, he was very friendly and his language was perfect.’