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First Draft Translation

  • First Draft Translation
    Fast translation services
    Translating a text where style isn’t a priority. This basic and quick translation service is great for documents that aren’t business-critical or client-facing. (e.g. incoming correspondence, social media responses)



First Draft translation is a professional, quick translation service, used when a text is needed for understanding a translation, rather than being client-facing. We deliver you two texts: a translated version and a second document which contains comments from the translator, pointing out any issues in the translation.

You may then review the translator’s comments and request an extra ‘consultation and editing’ service level which is charged by the hour. As style is not a priority we can deliver fast translation at around 1,700 words per working day.


  • First Draft translation is time and money-saving
  • Fast, efficient workflow
  • Value translation
  • Includes a project manager
  • Fully qualified, native-speaking translators