Translation USA Faqs

Translation Services
What services do you offer?
What’s the difference between your four service levels: First Draft Translation, Fully Managed Translation and Editing, Fully Managed Translation with Style and Transcreation?
What services other than translation do you offer?
What quality guarantees come with the First Draft Translation service?
What documents and projects are best suited for First Draft Translation?
What documents and projects are best suited for Fully Managed Translation and Editing?
What documents and projects are best suited for Fully Managed Translation with Style?
What documents and projects are best suited for Transcreation?
Does checking/proofreading come as a standard part of your services?
How can I tell which translation service level best suits my needs?
What is Localisation/Localization?
What’s the difference between Localisation and Translation?
What’s the difference between Interpreting and Translation?
Do you offer interpreting services?
Do you offer coding services for market research questionnaires?
Do you translate Verbatims for the market research sector?
Do you code survey responses?
I have translated my text in-house. Do you offer a standalone proofreading/editing service?
Can I have my text localised for a specific market/country/dialect?
Do you offer Transcription services?
How many words per hour can you transcribe?
What are your turnaround times for Transcription?
What is copywriting and why would I need it?
What is the difference between Copywriting and Transcreation?
Is DTP (artwork, typesetting, layout, formatting) included in your services?
Can you translate a PDF document and return the translated document in the same format?
What files and information do you need for DTP?
Is a Certificate of Accuracy enough to have my documents authorised at my local notary office?
What format does a Certificate of Accuracy follow?
What quality guarantees does Lingo24 offer?
How does Lingo24 guarantee confidentiality?
How much translation experience does Lingo24 have?
What industry experience do you have in my sector? (pharma / law / technology / manufacturing / etc.)?
Can you provide examples of similar clients you’ve worked with from my specific industry? (pharma / law / technology / manufacturing / etc.)?
Can you provide samples of previous work with previous clients?
Do you use freelance translators?
How do you recruit your translators?
What are your translator selection criteria?
Is it necessary for me to liaise with your translators?
Can I contact your translators directly?
How can I be sure my instructions are followed by your translators?
Do you work with native-speaking translators? Do you work with in country translators?
Do you charge extra for using native-speaking translators?
Do your translators have industry-specific experience relating to my sector?
Can your translators handle highly technical documents?
What file formats can your translators handle?
Can you manage any language combination?
Can you deliver large amounts of text in short turnarounds?
Do you have translators with experience in using CAT Tools?
Can you handle different variants of a language, for example, English (US/UK), French (France/Canada/ Belgium/Switzerland), Spanish (Spain/Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal)?
Are your translators professionally qualified?
Can I see the translators’ CVs?
Why should I use Lingo24?
What stages are involved in the translation process?
How can I get a quote/proposal for a translation?
What information is included on your quotes?
How long does it take for you to send a quote, from the point of request?
What information do you need to provide a quote?
Can I request an automated quote online?
How can I request a quote online?
What happens after I submit a quote request online?
If I want to proceed with an order, how do I confirm this?
How quickly can you begin on a project once I give you the go-ahead?
What is a brief and do I need to complete one?
What files/documents must I send you for a project to commence?
What information do you need to proceed with an order?
Who will manage my project?
Can I have dedicated translators who will work on all of my projects?
Can I choose the translators who work on my projects?
How can I get updates on the progress of my project?
Can you update my Translation Memory?
Should I send you my Glossary, Translation Memory, a terminology database or previous translations?
Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?
Will I be charged for subsequent revisions upon receipt of the finished translations?
How do you manage rare language combinations?
How do you manage non-standard turnaround times?
How do you manage additions or amendments to the source text?
What is your policy should I decide to cancel a project once it’s been given the go-ahead?
How do you manage text that is difficult to read, such as illegible handwriting, scanned documents, faxes or poor photocopies?
What is a Glossary of Terminology?
Can you always ensure the formatting of the original document will be maintained in the translation?
What subject matters can your translators work with?
What criteria do you use when recruiting translators?
What experience do your translators have?
What does FIGS stand for?
If you have thousands of translators, how can you monitor them, and ensure they always deliver quality?
How fast can you translate my documents? What is your standard turnaround time?
Do you offer overnight/weekend/same-day deliveries?
What can you do if I need my translation delivered faster than your standard turnaround times?
What can you do to speed up the translation process?
How many language combinations can you manage simultaneously?
At what point can I cancel a project if I’ve already given it the go-ahead?
Can I make changes to the source text once the translation has started?
How long after delivery of the translation do I have to provide feedback?
How long does it take to have my feedback implemented?
How do you ensure quality is maintained throughout all my projects?
How do you ensure your translators are of the highest calibre?
How do you ensure confidential documents are securely managed?
If I have a complaint to make, how do you manage this?
Do you have any Quality Management certification?
How does Lingo24 charge its services?
Why does Lingo24 charge per 1000 words? Why not charge per character, per 100 words, per line, per page or per hour?
How much does translation cost?
Why do prices vary according to the language combination?
Why is it more expensive to translate into Nordic languages, than other languages?
How can I keep my translation costs down? How can Lingo24 make this job more cost effective for me?
Does a cheaper translation service mean less quality?
What discounts can Lingo24 offer?
In what circumstances does Lingo24 offer a loyalty discount?
Do you apply discounts for more language combinations?
Do you offer NGO/charity/not-for-profit/public sector discounts?
Can you issue quotes in currencies other than GBP?
Why is there a difference of price in conversion rates?
Is project management included in Lingo24’s rates?
Are there any hidden costs not included in the original quote?
Why do I have to pay VAT? When do I have to pay VAT?
What are your prices based on and what is likely to make them higher or lower?
Does Lingo24 have cancellation fees?
Does Lingo24 have rush charges? If Lingo24 has rush charges, when and how do they apply?
If you split a project amongst more than one translator, why do I have to pay a rush charge?
Does it cost to receive a quote for a project?
How much does it cost to set up a Lingo24 account?
Why and when would I be asked to pay in advance?
How are costs calculated for Lingo24 additional services, such as: Brand Name Checking/Transcription/Copywriting/Checking and Editing etc?
Can I get a lower price if I give Lingo24 more time to complete a translation?
Why does a 200 word text cost 60 GBP when the rate per 1000 words is 121 GBP, so the price should be lower?
With translation memory, what discounts do you apply in fuzzy matches?
Do you apply additional charges for using any translation memory tools?
When will I receive the invoice? (After the order? After the delivery? After the feedback?)
When should I pay the invoice, and how can I pay it?
How flexible are you with your payment terms? Are you open to extending your payment terms to meet our standard timeframe?
What are your payment terms?
I am a private client. How can I make payments?
I represent a client company. How can I make payments?
If I pay by credit card, will I still get an invoice?
Can I receive a monthly invoice that includes all my projects ordered during that month?
Can you put more projects on one invoice? (running tab / rolling tab / open tab)
Can you send a confirmation once payment has been received?
How are refund situations managed?
How do you dispatch your invoice – email, fax or post?
Who is your point of contact regarding invoice-related matters?
I normally send you translation work for the company I work for. I have a personal translation I would like carried out. Can you send the invoice to my personal address?
Do you work with CAT Tools?
What CAT Tools can you work with?
How can Heart help me?
Why is Heart better than other CAT Tools?
Can you work with my preferred CAT tool?
Can you work directly within my website’s content management system?
What desktop publishing (DTP) software do you use?
What does a ‘match’ and a ‘fuzzy match’ mean?
Who can I contact if I’m having technical issues?
Do you share the Translation Memory with your clients?
CMS Integration
What is a Content Management System (CMS)?
What is a CMS plug-in?
When you translate websites, can you translate directly on the website (in the client's system) or do you prefer to receive the text in documents/files such as Word or HTML?
Do you use an automated or CMS-based ordering system?
Can we integrate our Content Management System (CMS) with your CAT tool?
How does a web-based workflow work?
Our Heart Technology
What is Heart technology?
Is Heart technology compatible with other CAT Tools?
Can you ensure code/script integrity?
Can I check the progress of my translation in Heart?
Does Heart technology ensure confidentiality in my documents? Is Heart secure?
How flexible is Heart technology?
How can I learn more about Heart technology?
File types
What file-formats can Heart technology handle?
Do you accept hard copies of the source text?
In what file-format will you deliver the finished project?
I have problems uploading my files. What should I do?
My document has an unusual font that I’d like to keep in the translation. Will this be a problem?
Do I have to pay extra for using any Lingo24 technology?
Where are your offices based?
Do you really have offices in New York? Germany? France?