US Translation Agency: Our Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Policy Outline

Lingo24, Inc. takes sustainable development very seriously and has established an environmental policy for its employees worldwide to follow. The guidelines are published here so that all employees are aware of expected behaviour and so other companies may see how simple it can be for companies to help reduce their impact on the world's resources.


Our Policy

Our policy is as follows:

  1. We make efficient use of energy.
  2. We give consideration to the wider social and environmental implications of our actions at all times.
  3. We reduce the need for movement of both people and goods.
  4. We promote environmental awareness among both employees and partners of Lingo24, Inc.
  5. We avoid unnecessary waste and encourage appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling.
  6. We consider our environmental performance core to the business' overall purpose, and review said performance annually.

In practical terms our measures break down into three main areas: