Desktop Publishing - Multilingual DTP,

Desktop Publishing

Lingo24, Inc. has a dedicated team of in-house desktop publishing (DTP) experts who can typeset your translation in any file format or language.


in-house multilingal DTP specialists


The most common programs we use are Adobe:

- Adobe Creative Suite (versions CS 2 through CS 5.5):

+ Indesign
+ Illustrator
+ Photoshop
+ Fireworks

- Adobe FrameMaker
- Quark Express
- Corel Graphic Suite

Outsourcing both your translation and your Desktop Publishing ensures the design team you hire don’t have to work with unknown languages. This means they’re far less likely to lay out your translation incorrectly.

Lingo24, Inc.’s multilingual DTP experts will ensure that your translations are laid out appropriately, stylishly and exactly to your brief. You’ll receive a ready-to-print file, and if you haven’t got a printer, we’ll sort that out too.

All you have to do is send your source file along with your Word document for translation, sit back and let us do the rest!

Don’t have the right graphics program installed? We can also provide you with a wide array of preview files (.pdf, .jpeg etc) so you can take a look at the finished product.


Multilingual DTP can combine the translation and the design process, eliminating the need for separate agencies.

Case study

Lingo24, Inc. has worked with an international sportswear company to provide translation and Desktop Publishing for a number of marketing materials into six different languages.

Our multilingual DTP team used the Adobe Creative Suite to lay out the translation to the client’s strict brief.