Consumer and Retail Translation,

Consumer and Retail Translations

With 1325 translators worldwide who specialize in retail and consumer translation, the retail world is one of our largest sectors. Many of our translators have worked in specialist fields within consumer and retail translations, from high fashion and entertainment technology to food and beverage.

Since 2006, we’ve produced 4.1 million words of retail translations for 90 consumer goods and services companies, covering all areas of consumer translation, from branded marketing materials to annual reports. Here’s an overview of the types of projects we currently complete for consumer and retail sector clients:

  • Website localization
  • Advertising brochures
  • Brand name checking
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Packaging and instructions
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contracts and reports
  • Style and branding guidelines
Case studies

Audio electronics

Lingo24, Inc. has translated 50,000 words for this Oklahoma-based audio electronics company since February 2008, covering everything from marketing materials such as packaging, legal information and DTP projects to user manuals and technical product information, translating from English into Chinese, French, German and Spanish.


Burger King Corporation

Lingo24, Inc. has worked with Burger King Corporation since 2004, translating 720,000 words into over 40 language combinations, including German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Greek, Czech and the Scandinavian languages.

Burger King Corporation’s translations have included PowerPoint presentations, legal contracts, internal communications, and creative marketing and promotional collateral, requiring the creation of a translation team with extensive knowledge of Burger King branding.