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Lingo24, Inc. was founded in 2001 in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is now one of the fastest growing translation companies in the world! With hubs in Boston, Panama, Europe, the Philippines and New Zealand, which house over 165 team members (and many more freelance translators!) we’re a reliable, efficient 24-hour translation agency in the USA who can deal with your translation needs.

We’ve also got over 5000 translators on our books, all of whom are fully qualified, experienced and specialized across a range of industry sectors.

We are built upon quality, customer service and being flexible—our five service levels can cater to whatever translation requirements to wish to throw at us!

Lingo24, Inc. is a US translation agency which goes far beyond translation, and we’re always trying to help businesses to get the best from their translations. That’s why we’ve got a host of other services, from Foreign Language Internet Marketing to Localization and Brand Name Checking, which can help you achieve the results you’re after.

So with full 24-hour coverage, thousands of translators and the expertise to give you the very best, Lingo24, Inc. is the translation agency for USA businesses.

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