Coding Services -

Coding Services

Lingo24, Inc. has had significant experience working in the market research sector. Anything from translating surveys to collating responses, our coding services can help you.


of Lingo24's annual output is for the market research industry


Our coding services have much to offer market research companies, including:

  • Coding in multiple languages
  • Transcribing IDIs and panel discussions
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Translating stimulus material (descriptions, concept boards, show-cards)
  • Recruitment surveys
  • Responses to questionnaires
  • Reports (in Word or PowerPoint)
  • Checking/localizing brand names
  • Discussion guides
  • Briefing notes
  • Semiotic checks

Our coding services can both collate and translate survey responses across a number of languages.

Our fully qualified translators are experienced in market research and they will take into account any slang, idioms or dialect.


Instead of paying for separate companies to collate and translate your responses, Lingo24, Inc. can do both.

Case study

Lingo24, Inc. has worked with an American market research company since July 2010. This 49-hour coding project involved collating and translating questionnaire responses in ten different language combinations.

The responses involved many verbatim detailed responses. TO ensure continuity and accuracy, Lingo24 created a team of translators with extensive experience in translation for the market research industry.