Character of a hunter: mythology and truth

Possibly many of the readers feel identified with some of the archetypes of hunters that I will try to portray, or maybe they identify in the descriptions to their hunting companions. The diversity and complexity of human 먹튀nature imprints on each one an indelible imprint that distinguishes us from others, almost like fingerprints.

I presume, without going into psychological disquisitions, that the big game works as a kind of lens that magnifies the virtues and defects of the individual, because I do not believe that the daily behavior is different from that observed during the hunting excursion. It is worth clarifying that it is not my intention to exercise a criticism or to issue a judgment of value, because for that I would have to find myself stripped of imperfections, which I admit, or count on virtues that I lack.

The hunter anxious. He arrives as a whirlwind, almost does not salute, throws his belongings in any corner, takes the dog out of the canine and goes out to shoot the montaraces and copetonas all day long, ruffling the field with the shotgun of the 12. Lunch and doze a few minutes watching the endless sunset, until he can not take it anymore and asks to be taken to the post. Result: falls asleep, the pigs flee in the best of cases frightened by snoring, or stay for hours in the puddle eating the fat and wallowing to taste in the mud. When he returns at midnight, he says: “Che, nothing came to me, will there be pigs?” The variant of the anxious is that, despite having seen some tremendous legs in the mud, huge fresh and wallowed footprints of gigantic backs of the previous night,

Stage of shooting

The urge to shoot quickly, usually at the first animal that appears, can result in poor decisions and shots at incorrect animals, poor shots that only injure the animal, or shots that endanger others. Target shooting, good advice, and additional experiences lead most hunters out of this stage.


Stage of reaching the limit

This hunter always wants to hunt the maximum limit. This can cause the hunter to take unsafe shots or misidentify whites in their push to reach the limit. More experience with experienced hunters takes hunters out of this stage.

Trophy stage

Success is judged by quality, not quantity. The hunter is very selective, and may not take many opportunities that do not meet the characteristics of the desired “trophy”. Trophy hunters focus on big game.For more info on 먹튀, you can visit: