Made an Instant and Effective Transaction with bitcoin

Some people think investing in bit coin is complicated and worthless. But it has more scope in the future and easy to manage. During every bit coin transaction one more block will be added to the block chain. Every transaction is tracked and verified by block chain. The computers will be rewarded with bit coins after successfully solving the puzzle or hash and added a block. This process is named as bit coin mining comparable to lottery. In olden days using the open-source operating system, bit coin mining is performed effectively. Nowadays miners use special tools like application-specific integrated circuits to win the 1 BTC to USD bit coins. Mining pools are controlling the bit coin activities today.

Investors expect for both privacy and security process. So the bit coin network offers private and public keys. Private keys provide secured transactions with other users all over the world. User address is a public key which can be seen by others. Miners can see the owners account id alone, they cannot get access to other private details.

To trace the account details, wallets are available in both software and hardware mode. Software mode is directly installed in a mobile and linked with the bank account. This mobile application wallet accesses the transaction quickly. But in this process, third parties involve handling the account. There is a chance to hack the account details. Hardware Wallets are old-style offline applications but more secured. It is a physical hardware device that stores the private details of the owners bit coin account. With internet connection, offline hardware cannot be hacked. Purchasing a new bit coin is simply similar to transacting the traditional currency for bit coin. Debit cards and credit cards also used to purchase new bit coins. During high limits of exchanging 1 btc to usd, linking the bank account with the wallet is preferable. The transaction will be made instantly.