Can companies in Singapore outsource the corporate secretary position?

Doing business in a competitive and strict environment can become easy when you have professionals to manage regulatory compliance issues. Thus, outsourcing the company secretarial position can immensely benefit small and medium-sized companies.

Reliable resources

There are several administrative activities that need to be handled in a timely manner. The person managing regulatory compliance issues should be experienced. Allowing someone without knowledge of regulatory requirements in Singapore to handle these tasks can be disastrous. In case of problems, the team should be able to guide the organization in improving business operations. When you outsource the position, you won’t have to worry at all.

Firms can outsource multiple non-core functions 

Besides handling incorporation, compliance, and registration part, secretarial service providers also offer to take care of payroll and accounting for the organization. Outsourcing such functions can enable small firms to get the best out of the expertise and experience that these teams have.

External teams cannot be influenced

Policies, especially, payroll ones can be tweaked to benefit a particular group in the organization. Such policy flip-flop is possible in case if the organization has an in-house team of company secretaries. However, external teams cannot be influenced. These professionals are proficient and perform their duties as per laid ground-rules without favoring anyone. Overall, there’s a lower risk of errors in various business procedures performed daily.

Firms that offer corporate secretarial services can handle everything from a new company’s incorporation, registration to ensuring it functions as per regulations. Services are designed as per the most demanded needs of small and large companies in Singapore.