Brand Name Checking Services,

Brand Name Checking Services

Your brand name is at the heart of everything you do as a company. It’s therefore vital to ensure your brand name (and associated product names) are appropriate for both the culture and the language of any overseas market you want to target.


Brand Name Checking projects completed annually


Brand Name Checking involves making sure that any prospective or current brand names of your company are linguistically and culturally appropriate for any future international audiences. Very often, brand names need to be localized for various markets owing to vast differences in pronunciation, culture or dialect. Using native-speaking translators with significant marketing experience, Lingo24, Inc. can comprehensively evaluate your brand name, and make sure you won’t be remembered for all the wrong reasons!


Ensure your brand name has the correct meaning in any other language markets you may wish to target.

Case study

Lingo24, Inc. works with a famous international brand consultancy firm making sure that clients’ brand names are appropriate and localized for their intended audience. With over 2,300 hours of work to date, we have translated and localized for a total of 98 language combinations including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. These projects have been in a number of industry areas from health and beauty and pharmaceutical, to household and automobiles. On more than one occasion, we have flagged up instances where brand names would have caused embarrassment. We noticed that potential brand names for two influenza medications had negative connotations with death in the Mandarin language, while an automobile’s potential brand name sounded exactly the same as a word in Arabic for ‘baby donkey’.