Spinning A Yarn Of Online Marketing Strategies

We couldn’t help but notice this fantastic blog entry on the New York Times that profiled the online success of tiny Nevada based yarn-store, Jimmy Beans Wool. With an annual revenue of $7 million, the majority of which comes from online purchases, the yarn-store retailers are a success story to all, showing that small businesses really can fight the dominating spread of giant brands. All it takes are reels of internet marketing strategies and some online marketing savvy.

Based in Reno, Jimmy Beans Wool has quick become a social media sensation. They’ve got a big marketing budget you shout. Well, according to the New York Times, they actually don’t. But what the owners, Laura Zander and husband, Doug, do have is internet market strategy expertise. By using the right social media tools, they have built up their online profile and have become a real mecca for anyone looking for any type of yarn you could want.

In fact, their success is almost text-book. They have a quirky company name that helps them stand out and memorable amongst the other 2,000 yarn vendors currently operating online. They’ve worked hard to build up a brand and an ethos, and they’ve clearly defined their message: “We wanted to position our business to answer any question our customers had about yarn and knitting.”

One thing that has worked like magic for the pair is the use of YouTube. What they quickly realized was that a website gets considerably more space in Google through the use of YouTube videos and picture links, so they created their first video in 2008. Three months later, they had increased their sales by a staggering 67 percent. Today, Jimmy Beans Wool uploads two videos a month on average and their 1,500 videos have around 1.5 million views. And it’s their staff that present their tutorial videos, in their every day clothes, and no special effects. Incredibly simple, but an effective internet marketing strategy.

It’s worth pointing out that this is an area that the pair are already quite familiar with. Before leaving San Francisco and moving to Reno, Laura and Doug made their livings as software engineers. However, as many businesses know, that’s not a recipe for success. What is, is the pair’s drive to make the online yarn store a success – for them the sky’s the limit.

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