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International Business Strategy

If you want to become an international business, you need to find an international marketing strategy to target consumers effectively

The U.S has millions of consumers, but focusing exclusively on the domestic market severely limits your potential earnings. For example, China has more than 550 million online customers, so expanding into just one market could dramatically increase your profits.

Government Apologizes for Translation Errors

There have been a number of reported translation mistakes on official notices and documents in Sri Lanka translated from Sinhala to Tamil. 

An example of a translation error that occurred was a sign that read "Reserved for pregnant dogs" in Tamil, while the Sinhala and English sign read "Reserved for pregnant mothers."

The government has apologized for the translation errors and stress that there was never any intention to insult Tamils.

Starting a Small Business in Ecommerce

In 2013 more than a billion buyers were responsible for $1.2 trillion in online sales. If you are a new small business you have the opportunity to gain some of these customers, but you need to find the right strategy

Although the majority of online sales come from North America and Western Europe, e-commerce sales are projected to grow 44 percent in the Asia Pacific region in 2014.

Online Customers Prefer Native Language Websites

A new report by the research firm Common Sense Advisory has revealed that the majority of online customers prefer to buy products in their own language. 

The report is entitled “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: 2014” and is based on a survey of more than 3,000 global consumers in ten countries across Europe, Asia, and South America.

Small Business Websites Not Mobile Compatible

A new report has found that 91% of small business websites are not optimized for mobile use. 

The report was released by BaseKit, who took a poll of 510 small and medium sized businesses, asking numerous questions related to technology, such as the functionality of their websites. 

Cultural Blunders in Business

There have been numerous examples of cultural blunders in business due to companies not taking into account the cultural differences of their target market. 

In order to prevent branding blunders companies need to ensure that all their branding – including name, logo, color scheme and corporate identity – are appropriate for the target market.

Here are a few examples of branding translation mistakes:

Tips For Micro-Multinational Corporations

The term “multinational” used to refer to massive corporations, but this is no longer the case. Thanks to the internet it is now possible for a small business to be a micro-multinational company with customers around the world. 

As a micro-multinational corporation your website will be the main point of contact with international customers, but it is not simply a matter of translating written content into multiple languages. 

Product Names Gone Wrong

There are many examples of international companies failing to expand their brands worldwide because they didn't do the proper research to ensure that their product was culturally appropriate for an international audience. 

These types of mistakes can cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue. Here are five examples of marketing translation mistakes:


Twitter Focuses on Global Marketing

Almost three quarters of Twitter users are outside the US, but only around a quarter of revenue is generated internationally by the company.

This is why they want to expand their international business. In the past twelve months Twitter has doubled its international offices to 15 and sent senior staff to Europe and Asia to entice foreign marketers.

Flitto Wins Global Start-Up Competition

Start-up companies are temporary organizations searching for a repeatable business model, while a company is a permanent organization that successfully executes a repeatable business model.

Seedstars World is a competition launched by a Swiss-based company which aims to help global start-ups grow into companies. 

Translating Movie Titles

Hollywood has felt the benefits of globalization, dominating markets around the world with seemingly little effort. 

However, there is a long tradition of international markets translating the titles of Hollywood films with their own, often surreal names.

Overcoming Language Barriers in Subtitles

Over 70 television channels in the UK provide a subtitling service, which is used by more than a million people. This service is essential for deaf viewers and those who do not speak English as their first language. 

Connect With Customers Using Global Technology

Global technology has presented new opportunities for companies to expand into new markets, but you need to ensure that your global websites are properly localized to traverse these borders successfully.


Telecommuting Translation Jobs

As an online translation company, Lingo24, Inc. relies on translators who work from home. We currently have over 5000 translators working for us, all of whom are fully qualified, experienced and specialized across a range of industry sectors.

However, we’re always in need of more professional translators, editors and proofreaders in all language combinations. If you want to start a career in the translation industry, why not come and work for us?

International Trade Localization Tips

To create a successful international website you need to ensure that it is correctly configured for the language and culture of your target market. However, if you deal in global exports there are localization processes that are often overlooked beyond the layout and design of your website.  

Local Customer Service

Machine Translation Blunders

Machine translation technology began to be explored in the 1950s, but the first commercial machine translation system appeared in 1991, with web applications appearing a few years later.

Machine translation technology now ranges from free online translation, to on-the-go mobile phone apps to customizable, professional software packages.

Brand Names Translated Badly

Brand Name Checking involves making sure that any prospective or current brand names are linguistically and culturally appropriate for any future international audience. 

Very often, brand names need to be localized for various markets owing to vast differences in pronunciation, culture and dialect. 

Cross-Border E-commerce Payments

In cross-border ecommerce it is important to understand that different countries like to shop in different ways.

Due to high interest rates in Brazil, credit cards are unaffordable for many, which is why the majority of customers prefer to pay in installments. While in India, consumers will only pay once an item has been delivered.

Youth Slang Translation Software

There are language barriers between every generation, but the rise of Facebook and Twitter has resulted in word, symbol and number combinations that are almost incomprehensible to older generations.  

Young people develop slang terms to keep parents and teachers from knowing too much about their private lives, but it can also be used to hide bullying behavior from them.

Baidu's Translation App Adds Image Recognition

The Chinese company Baidu has added object recognition to its translation app, allowing you take a photo of something and receive a written English translation of it.

On the app you select ‘Photo’ then ‘Object,’ snap a picture, circle it, and hit the check mark. The app will then attempt to identify the object and give you the written Chinese and English translation.



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