Banter - A Concept That We Love at Lingo24, Inc.

Banter definition

Banter is good-humored, playful conversation. Although it might be a new concept to some of our website visitors, it’s very important here at Lingo24, Inc. Just because we take our work seriously, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well!

Here are a few dictionary definitions of banter - plus some personal interpretations from our staff.

ban•ter (origin unknown)

n. good-natured and usually witty, animated joking.
n. light teasing repartee.
v. tr.To speak to in a playful or teasing way.
To speak to or address in a witty and teasing manner
v. intr. To exchange mildly teasing remarks.

ban•tered, ban•ter•ing, ban•ters
ban´ter•ing•ly adv.

Synonyms: banter, chaff, josh, kid, rag, razz, rib

These all mean to tease or poke fun in a good-humored way. You might banter with your colleagues over coffee, chaff a friend for forgetting his appointment or josh your brother about his strange new haircut. Or you could razz the teammate who missed a shot, kid me about my new outfit or rib a friend for being in love.