Are down vests suitable for all seasons?

Benefits and value offered by a vest are often overlooked by people. A down vest for men can be a superb addition to your wardrobe for cold weather. Vests that offer warmth can prove to be considerably better than mid-weight, light-weight jackets during cold weather.

A good vest combined with a long sleeve shirt can ensure your body remains warm during cold temperatures. That’s because your core remains warm and insulated with a vest. Extremities remain warmer as the blood flow in these areas remains constant. Thus, your body stays warm and active during a rough climate.

You can wear them daily

As there’s no need to wear a bulky jacket, your arms remain free. You can also perform activities like stacking boxes in a warehouse, setting up camp, chopping wood, etc. It’s comfortable to wear when you are warm enough while outside during milder temperatures.

You can wear them even while running, bicycling, hiking, and other vigorous activities that can raise your body temperature. The core remains warm while your arms get the necessary freedom for movement.

Comfortable than sleeping in a jacket

If temperatures are much colder, vests can work as a perfect mid-layer between your outer-jacket and long-sleeved base layer. You can simply remove the outer jacket for a few minutes if you wish to cool off. Vests can also go perfectly with sleeping attire while sleeping in a bag at a campsite. It’s far better and comfortable than sleeping in a jacket. You should surely try taking a look at the down vests collection for men from TATRAS.